What better way to enjoy the tropical taste of an island holiday destination than a delicious handcrafted cocktail?

Phuket now has a blossoming number of classy, edgy bars exuding style and elegance, where skilled bartenders, equipped with the finest top-quality spirits, push the boundaries of mixology to create uniquely scrumptious cocktails.

Phuket Old Town is a hotspot of artisans, where Sino-Portuguese shophouses have been renovated, painted an array of bright colours and transformed into funky, stylish shops, cafes, art galleries, and contemporary cocktail bars.
Club No 43 Phuket
Club No 43 Phuket

Club No 43

One of the first lounge bars to embrace the mixology scene is Club No 43, this place is full of character, don’t be surprised if your drink is served in a tin cup or even a teapot. Take your pick from the imaginative array of cocktails, some classic and others with an Asian twist.

Local ingredients have been trending in Thailand’s mixology scene for a while now and this is reflected in the ‘43 Old Town’ cocktail. Vodka infused with ingredients you’d normally find in tom yam soup, including ginger, galangal and lemongrass, topped with fresh mango and passion fruit, it’s actually very good!


Dibuk House

Right at the heart of the old town, Dibuk House take their handcrafted-cocktails seriously, proud of the fact they were amongst the top ten in the Diageo World Class Thailand 2018, the most prestigious bartender competition in Thailand.
Soak up the snug, old-school ambiance whilst watching the waistcoat-clad bartenders work their magic creating classic recipes with an inspired twist.

The favourite cocktail of the house is ‘Last Living to Survive’, a mix of Beefeater’s gin, crème de cacao white and Thai tea. For the more daring, you won’t find anything more original than ‘The Last Samurai’, a fascinating infusion of American’s bourbon with fat-washed peanut butter mixed with Japanese ingredients and served with seaweed.


Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Over at Chalong Bay spend a fun afternoon in the distillery sampling the tasty rum, made from 100% natural sugarcane sourced from local Thai farmers, and learn about the rum-making process with a guided tour. Take part in a masterclass to learn the secrets of cocktail making and whip up a mojito for your friends when you go home.

After all that hard work, indulge yourself with a taste of rum cocktails at the bar, ‘Thai Fling’ has red chili, mint, and sweet basil leaves to give it that Asian influence, whilst ‘Lady Lychee’ is a fresh combination of lemongrass, lychee, and rum.


Cosmo Bar

At the other end of the island, right on its southern tip, COSMO Bar offers picturesque views over Nai Harn Bay and an inspiring selection of signature cocktails created by the charming Salim Khoury, former head barman at the exclusive Savoy Hotel in London.
Gather with friends in the comfortable al fresco lounge area and savour the flavours of the ‘Lady Nai Harn’, created especially for the opening of the resort. If you’re celebrating something special, then the Classic Champagne Cocktail is a creation you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
Catch Beach Club Cocktails
Indulge in a sunset ‘Sly Thai’ handcrafted cocktail, as inventive as it is delicious with a mix of Tanqueray gin, limoncello and pineapple juice.

Catch Beach Club

When the sun is shining and the ocean beckons in Bang Tao, a beach cocktail at Catch Beach Club is the perfect afternoon activity. Soak up the chilled-out vibe from a full-service cabana, order something from the á la carte menu, and cool off in the infinity pool.

Indulge in a sunset ‘Sly Thai’ handcrafted cocktail, as inventive as it is delicious with a mix of Tanqueray gin, limoncello and pineapple juice.

Tongkah Tin Syndicate

If you’re out to impress, Tongkah Tin Syndicate at The Slate, in Nai Yang, is a stylish, spacious setting filled with cool collectables and tin mining memorabilia hung from the walls and ceilings. Snooker tables, delicious snacks and sensational sips, they have it all.
Call in for a pre-dinner game of snooker and take your pick from a large selection of crafted cocktails, the ‘Jasmine Pearl’ with Ketel One vodka, jasmine syrup, soda, cream and egg white is a favourite.

Phuket keeps everyone happy with its excellent bar scene, enjoy its wealth of inspiring, tropical cocktails with a Thai twist.


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