You could be anywhere, at home listening to the radio, out shopping, in a taxi, a bar, or sipping wine at a stylish beach club, when suddenly a song comes on that has you moving your feet and swaying your hips. This is the effect the music of French artist Bob Sinclar has on you.

Defined as a legend in the DJ world, he’s one of the longest standing figures on the international electronic music scene with a career that spans decades, described as the guy who gets the dance floor jam-packed, the groove going on, and marches to the beat of his own tune. If you haven’t heard of his most iconic house hits, ‘World Hold On’ and ‘Love Generation’, then where have you been?!

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The Rise of Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar is the alter ego of French electronic music producer and DJ Christophe Le Friant. Born in 1969, Chris grew up in Le Marais, made his debut as Chris the French Kiss in the ’80s, and in 1993 started up the independent French label Yellow Productions with DJ Yellow. He created his doppelganger, Bob Sinclar, in the late ’90s, after watching Philippe de Broca’s French slapstick spoof spy movie ‘The Magnificent’.

With an incredible eight full-length albums to his name, a dazzling discography that includes chart-toppers, gold and platinum records, and regular appearances at Carnaval de Rio and Tomorrowland, his influence has inspired all levels of dance music.

Bob’s debut album, Paradise, was released in 1998 and it was the Jane Fonda sampling of ‘Gym Tonic’ that really got everyone’s attention propelling him into the spotlight with its groovy, pumping beats, a track that’s still an instant floor-filler at clubs.

More hits followed with ‘I Feel For You’, which earned him a gold disc, and ‘Darlin’ and ‘Cerrone’, while his participation in the Africanism musical movement together with Solveig, Guetta and DJ Gregory created ‘Slave Nation’, ‘On The Drum’, and ‘Bisou Sucre’.

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Topping the Music Charts

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It was the incredibly catchy tune of ‘Love Generation’ and ‘World Hold On’, played over and over in clubs all over the world, that became one of the biggest hits of 2005, demonstrating Bob’s skill for creating great music that appeals to people of all ages and race. They topped the music charts everywhere, were featured on countless compilations, played on radio stations in every country and continent, performed at some of the world’s most famous clubs and festivals, and sold more than 1.2 million singles for which he received a Grammy nomination.

He went on releasing hit after hit, including ‘Defected in The House’, and hit singles ‘Lala Song’, ‘Peace Song’, and ‘Born in 69’, before collaborating with Sean Paul on ‘Tik Tok’.

In 2015 he came up with the idea of “Paris By Night”, held in the renowned Pacha club in Ibiza, inspired by French cabaret, Parisian nights, and a burlesque atmosphere with vogue, drag queens, and exotic dancers.

In 2016, he returned to mega label Spinnin’ Records, releasing ‘Someone Who Needs Me’, the most played record on Spotify it achieved an incredible 20 million streams. In 2017 he worked with US singer Akon with ‘Til The Sun Rise Up’, a feel-good party tune.

Spanning 20 years, Bob Sinclar has had a huge impact on the music business, collaborated with many different artists, including Snoop Dogg, Pitbull and Shaggy, Lionel Richie, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Sugarhill Gang, and we’re sure many more to come, and continues to be one of the music industry’s most significant players.

Bob has performed at Catch Beach Club several times and we are looking forward to welcoming him again to the shores of Phuket very soon.


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