Looking Forward 2023 Trends

As we bid farewell to 2022, not only is it the time of year for reflection but also an opportunity to look forward to what 2023 might bring. Here we share some predictions and potential trends for the coming year, to inspire your travel hopes and dreams for the future.


Although Phuket has dipped its toes in the farm-to-table trend, we envisage an uplift (particularly in restaurants and hotels) embracing this practice. This process emphasizes the use of locally sourced, fresh ingredients in meals.

How much more this will be adopted in Phuket in 2023 will depend on a variety of factors, including consumer preferences, economic conditions, and technological advancements. There are several reasons why the farm-to-table trend is such a positive approach and why we hope to see more of it this year:

Local economic benefits: Supporting local growers, farmers and food producers helps to stimulate the local economy and community.

Taste and quality: Farm-to-table foods are said to have a superior taste and quality compared to those that have been transported over long distances.

Community building: The farm-to-table trend can promote a sense of community and connection to the local area by supporting local food producers and promoting a shared appreciation for fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Up and Away

We are positive that 2023 will continue the trend of increased foreign arrivals and the return to previous levels of international travel. As a result, we are expecting new routes and more convenient flight schedules to start being introduced this year from Phuket International Airport.

In 2022, tourists coming to Thailand were expected to reach 11.5 million, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Governor, Yuthasak Supasorn. This number exceeded the government’s target by 15%, highlighting the positive trend of people coming to the region on holiday.

Although we are hopeful for the development of new routes from Phuket, this will depend on demand for travel to and from the airport and the availability of planes and pilots, etc.

Destination Weddings

2023 will very likely see a positive pick up in destination weddings, with returning international travellers wanting to plan their special day or event. For many, these occasions were delayed due to travel restrictions in the last few years, but with this behind us now we look forward to many “I Do’s” here on the paradise island of Phuket.

With picture perfect venues at your disposal, we foresee more exquisite Thai and Western wedding blends taking place in 2023. Tropical ceremony locations in Phuket allow for dreamy beach weddings, sunset vow renewals, exclusive receptions on sleek luxury yachts or even a private hideaway celebration.

If the thought of organising your special day from afar seems a little daunting, why not entrust the dedicated Twinpalms events team to help with all the details for your perfect day.

Athletic Tourism

This is also referred to as sports tourism and refers to travel that is motivated by the participation in or the observation of sporting events or activities. Athletic tourism is a growing segment of the tourism industry, and we foresee this trend becoming more popular in Phuket in 2023.

Phuket, for the first time, was the proud host to Spartans from all over the region for the 2022 Spartan Asia Pacific Championship event weekend, which was held in November 2022. It was a hugely popular event and included the Super (APAC Championship heat), Sprint, Hurricane Heat and Spartan Kids races. We are crossing our fingers that Phuket can once again welcome this global obstacle course race and endurance brand in 2023.

Building on this, Phuket will start looking to destinations around the world which offer a range of sporting events that are designed to attract travellers. People travelling will be able to participate in sporting activities as part of their vacations, and Phuket as a destination has the potential to offer specialized facilities and infrastructure, such as golf courses, equestrian competitions, surfing and water sports, marathons and other organised sporting events to lift up athletic tourism in the region.

New Restaurant Experiences

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving and new trends constantly emerge in response to changing consumer preferences, different cultural influences and technological advancements. We are excited for some potential foodie trends which may emerge in 2023 in Phuket.

More than just a dinner, you can now indulge in a kaleidoscope for the senses with mesmerizing entertainment and vibrant enticing dishes captivating your sight, sound, smell and taste. KALIDO is a brand new “Destination Dining Experience” which is already bringing a passionate emphasis on gastronomy, embracing the art and science of food and dining to experience.

Virtual and augmented reality experiences could also be on the cards for Phuket. Around the world, restaurants are starting to use virtual and augmented reality technology to enhance the dining experience and offer unique, immersive experiences for customers.

We suspect that there will be a continued trend towards plant-based and vegetarian options, as consumers become increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware. Perhaps we might start seeing innovative delivery options; exploring new ways to offer delivery services, such as drones or self-driving vehicles, to meet the growing demand for convenient, contactless options.

“The future is always beginning now.” – Mark Strand

With so much to look forward to in 2023, we are excited to monitor which trends emerge or develop further in Phuket.


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