With picturesque beaches, beautiful architecture, highly-acclaimed cuisine and a charming culture, it’s no wonder Phuket is one of the most popular and fastest-growing islands in Thailand. It’s also the largest, which means we get millions of holiday-makers arriving here every year, particularly in the high season which starts in November and ends around April.

Lots of people means busier beaches, packed tourist hotspots and hectic roads, which can make it difficult to really experience Thai culture and fully appreciate your surroundings.

We would all prefer a tropical beach to be secluded, a sunset uninterrupted, and temples peaceful, but this isn’t always possible in the high season. Don’t be disheartened, you can still visit popular, tourist spots in peace without crowds of tourists spoiling the experience. Here are some of our tips.
Phuket Sunrise

Catch the Sunrise

Discover Phuket’s best sights by waking up early to avoid the busiest times of the day. Early mornings are stunning, the streets are quiet and the temperature cool. Sunsets usually get all the attention, but sunrise has the same glorious colours, with the bonus of sharing them with fewer people.
Catch the spectacular sunrise up at the Big Buddha, there is nowhere better to admire the island views. At a height of 45 metres, the meditating Buddha glistens with white marble, the only sounds at this time of the morning are the tinkling of prayer bells and flags fluttering in the breeze. Sometimes you can catch the monks chanting which all adds to the atmosphere. 400 metres above sea level you’ll get some fantastic photos in peace.
Avoid the Touristy Beaches

Avoid the Touristy Beaches

Patong is the busiest beach in Phuket and it can be difficult to find a free sunbed or a shady spot to lay your beach towel at times. Touts hassle you for parasailing rides, banana boats and jet skis scream across the water, music blares and kids scream, it can get too much!

No reason to panic, there are plenty of bays along Phuket’s west coast where the beaches are quiet and far more gorgeous.

If you’re planning a stay in the south then immerse yourself in the spectacular sands at Nai Harn Beach, on the southernmost tip of the island. It’s not very developed due to the Buddhist temple just behind, but there are restaurants for the freshest of seafood when hunger strikes. Swim in the crystal-clear waters, admire the sailing boats and luxury yachts offshore, or have a beach massage to the tune of the waves.
Delve in to the big blue on Kamala and Surin Beaches, both reasonably quiet but with some conveniences dotted around including beautiful beach restaurants and beach clubs on Kamala Beach and local vendors serving fruit shakes and spicy Thai salads can be found in Surin Beach.
Layan Beach Phuket
At the very north of Phuket is Layan Beach and Nai Thon, wide, long stretches of sand shaded by tall casuarina trees. Bring a beach mat as there are no beach chairs here, and not too many tourists either.

Charter a Luxury Yacht

Get well away from the crowds by chartering a yacht with Andaman Cruises and spend the day snorkelling the phenomenal underwater world. Start the day early and you’re guaranteed peace and quiet at the popular spots, and once the tourists do start to show up clutching their selfie-sticks you can ask the captain to move on to the next stunning island, we have plenty!

Nothing beats the magic and exclusivity of your own private yacht. Take the family on a tour of the fantastic Similan islands where boulders as big as houses tumblling into the sea, the experienced crew know all the best places for snorkelling, swimming and diving. Dive into the crystal-clear waters to reveal a world of colourful and diverse coral reefs with the occasional leopard sharks, a plethora of reef fish and if you’re lucky you may spot a black-tip shark!

Visit During Low Season

Visit Phuket after the high season has finished, Mid-May to October, and many of the tourists have returned home. Although it’s monsoon season, the average temperature is still around 30 °C so it’s always hot. It rains more during these months, but it doesn’t last for too long, so you have plenty of opportunity to see the sights and enjoy the hotel pool and the sunsets are pure drama at this time of year.

Book yourself a luxury stay in the penthouse of one of the islands top beach resorts, Twinpalms Montazure. This beachfront boutique hotel on Kamala Beach offers amazing views of the ocean and mountains, enjoy the seascape and when the sea’s a bit choppy dive into one of its two pools, one for relaxing and another for laps. Enjoy a refreshing sunset cocktail and tasty food at the end of the day with friends at the Shimmer Beachfront Restaurant.

Phuket is a beautiful island getaway packed with fun activities and unspoiled scenery that offer refuge from the beach-going crowds.


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