What Precautions Do Hotels Operate in these Times?

Hotels have had to completely rethink their normal housekeeping, health and hygiene practices since the emergence of Covid-19.

Due to previous experience with SARS and other regional outbreaks, Thai people are used to wearing masks and taking precautions very quickly. As soon as we saw what was happening in Wuhan, hotel safety protocol was installed, including temperature checks of all staff and guests checking in, making sure hand-sanitizer was made readily available and mask wearing. For a hotel, this is a tip of the sanitary iceberg, but it illustrates how seriously and quickly hotels react to issues regarding sanitation in this part of the world.

The following protocols are now in place at Twinpalms Hotels & Resorts, outlined by both the Thai Hotel Association and the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA)


What to Expect at Check-In

• Your temperature will be taken to ensure that you have no fever.

• You will be asked to fill out a ‘Health Declaration Form’ to confirm your state of health, whether you have come into contact with anyone with COVID-19, and your travel behaviour over the past 14 days.

• The hotel will inform you of the current COVID-19 situation and provide prevention measures.

• If a guest feels unwell, they should notify the Hotel’s duty manager immediately.

• Face masks, thermometers, and alcohol hand sanitizers are readily available throughout the hotel and in guests’ rooms.


Employees and Contractors

• A daily temperature check is conducted at the employee’s entrance upon arrival to work and before they leave for the day.

• For contractors/vendors/suppliers visiting the hotel they also must undergo a temperature check.

• All staff, vendors, contractors and suppliers are required to notify us daily of their overall health status, and whether they have come into contact with anyone who may be infected with COVID-19, or have traveled to any outbreak areas in the last 14 days.

• Managers and Department Heads have been taught how to monitor their teams for any signs and symptoms of cough, flu, running nose, fever, and difficulty in breathing.

• Any staff member who is unwell and/or down with fever or flu symptoms must see a doctor immediately. Unwell staff cannot return to work without doctor’s approval.

• Provide all employees with information and ongoing training on COVID-19 prevention, along with a checklist, and provide regular updates on health advisories regarding the virus.

• Team members who come into contact with guests wear surgical masks and gloves on duty: staff from the following departments all wear protective items: kitchen and stewarding; housekeeping; F&B service; front office and the admin office.

• The hotel must be in full compliance with the Ministry of Public Health’s advisory on COVID-19 for hotels.


Hotel Procedures in Public Areas

• Temperature checks of all incoming guests and visitors to the hotel.

• Display notices about COVID-19 at appropriate public places (like the lobby), to notify guests of the virus situation and reassure them that the hotel has taken the necessary precautions.

• When cleaning public areas, use protective gloves. Staff are taught proper ways to use gloves and masks, such as not touching used objects directly with their bare hands.

• Antiseptic wipes and disinfectants are used for more thorough and more frequent cleaning of areas with high human contact, such as counters where guests are served and rooms where visitors are hosted

• Clean hard and frequently touched surfaces and objects more often. These include door handles, handrails, staircases, lifts, lift buttons, light switches, taps, toilets, key cards, computers, pens and anything else that can be touched by hand.

• All public areas should continue to be sanitized every 2 hours or after guests’ use, on a daily basis.

• Separate garbage bins are used for surgical masks and gloves after use.

In Your Room

• Housekeeping staff when cleaning your room will be wearing PPE. You can still see them smile though!

• All rubbish from your room will be cleared into a bag and sealed immediately.

• The use of antiseptic wipes and disinfecting chemicals for more thorough and frequent
cleaning of rooms, including all surfaces, furniture, telephone, etc will be used, so the smell of fragrant Lemongrass may be a little overshadowed by the aroma of Dettol from time to time!

• Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning system to reduce the possibility of cross-infection of viruses.

• Disinfection of the air-conditioning unit will be carried out a few hours after you have checked out.

• Disinfectant spray and ozone treatment to be used regularly along guest room corridors.

• Air-conditioning units are re-adjusted to ensure maximum fresh air circulation in all guest rooms.


What Happens When I Eat Out?

We cannot speak for all restaurants but our outlets, Wagyu Steakhouse, Shimmer Beachfront Restaurant, Palm Seaside, Catch Beach Club, Catch Junior and BAKE all have the following procedures:

• Exceptionally high standard of personal grooming and hygiene to be practised at all times by both wait staff and kitchen personnel.

• All diners will have their temperature checked before entering and must wear a mask

• You will be asked to leave your name and number, this is to assist in contact tracing, should it become necessary at a later date.

• F&B staff will wear gloves and masks

• In our restaurants, we will wipe down and sanitize the tables, chairs, menu stands, kitchen utensils regularly. After every seating, table menus will also be cleaned and sanitized.

• The practise of refolding napkins for guests at the table during meals is now suspended…sorry!

• Change buffet utensils frequently. Covers should be used for cooked food. Tongs, ladles, spoons must be available (as per usual)

• No supplier is allowed entry into the kitchen at any time.

• Arrange only one entrance and exit way for customers and the screening should be done at all entrance/exit.

• Allow only customers who wear face masks/surgical masks to enter the restaurants for any services.

• Limit the number of customers, arrange the separate waiting area from the dining area and maintain minimum of 1m physical distancing.

• Clean the handrails and doorknobs at least every 2 hours.

• Safer ways of payment are encouraged, E-payment or QR code pay.

• Good ventilation in restaurants should be maintained and organized.


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