Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket

With a healthy mix of Western and Thai influence you literally can find anything to quell that sweet pang on Phuket Island. From light French pastries to psychedelic layered sponge cakes, we have it all here, and there is nothing better than an afternoon respite into the shade for a cup of tea and a dessert.
Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket


A firm favourite location for well over a decade now for locals and ex-pats alike. One of the main attractions here is their delicately created fine French pastries. You cannot find a lighter or fluffier pastry éclair or creamy diplomate in the northern end of Phuket. Their baked breakfast range is fantastic, and the almond, chocolate and plain croissants are a divine match to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. BAKE is also the place to visit for gifts, their tempting chocolate truffles made with Valrhona couverture, and their chocolate-coated candied orange sticks or brilliantly coloured mouth-watering macaroons are the perfect gift for any occasion or to show someone special just how much you care.

Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket


It’s not really a pancake, but a roti. You will find a ‘pancake’ seller almost anywhere you go in Phuket, on the side of the road, at the beach, outside a busier 7/11 at night, but most of the best roti shops in Phuket Town are among the best around. Nonetheless, you must get there early as most of them are only open for breakfast and then closed by lunchtime. Get your sugary fix with a selection of toppings, Nutella, sugar, banana, nuts – you name it, you can get it.
Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket
Behold Baklava lovers the wait is over, we finally have genuine Turkish desserts crafted and served still hot! This enchanting, sweet spot in the heart of the old town is a treasure-trove of trinkets and has a memorable menu to match, washed down with a Turkish black tea your afternoon pick-me-up has never tasted so good we guarantee!
Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket
Thailand is renowned for its own Thai sweets and mango and sticky rice is number one! Mango season is everyone’s favourite time of year just for this reason! Take a fresh, ripe yellow mango and steaming sticky rice, smother it in thick coconut cream, add a sprinkle of nuts for texture, and you will be hooked. You can find this dessert in most places but Chef Noi at SUAY takes the staple pudding and adds a very cool twist. Try his mango and sticky rice spring roll with black sesame ice-cream! It is so delicious and cutely presented.
Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket
Okay, okay, you might think it a little strange that we would feature a chain, but Wine Connection is a great place for an afternoon pitstop whilst you are shopping, or just a morning sugar hit before hitting the stores in Central Phuket. With locations dotted all around the island, it is very convenient, and the standard is consistent. Try their 70% Belgium Chocolate Lava Cake, or their insanely sweet Banana Salted Caramel pot. Of course, tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate mousse and lemon meringue pie are also strong contenders for a taste bud sensation.
Where to Find the Best 6 Dessert Shops in Phuket
Health aficionados and vegans would fondly remember this location as ‘Atsumi’, but that sadly has gone, but what we have in its place is truly scrumptious! Found in the deep depths of Rawai, Baan Viset Garden & Restaurant offers a great mix of raw food, vegan cuisine and hearty bowls of lamb massaman and beef bourguignon! It really is a place that is perfect for groups of friends with differing tastes. Their dessert highlights are truly worth the travel down to Rawai. Namely, the vegan raw chocolate cheesecake. The recipe remains intact from Atsumi days and is a chocolatey guilt-free indulgence. For those who are not on a gluten-free or plant-based diet, fill your boots with their homemade apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and their chocolate mud cake is magnificent.

So, wherever you are in Phuket you are never far away from a sugary wonder. Be sure to be adventurous and try some Thai desserts, coconut ice-cream is epic here and you can sometimes find that near the beaches on a small stand, Thai chia pudding is really yum and some of the brightly coloured jelly sweets are, well, you just have to go ahead and try them!


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