Whether you’d like to try a different kind of healing, are keen to develop your spirituality, or simply in need of some serious pampering, then a spa and massage just might be what you’re searching for. A trip to Phuket isn’t complete without experiencing some kind of spa treatment, especially as the Thai people have the best massage skills, after all, they have been honing their techniques for over 2,000 years!

Recognised as an ancient art, massage is an essential part of Thai culture and wherever you are there’s the opportunity to be indulged. Wandering along the street you’ll notice groups of masseurs in bright fisherman trousers, waiting outside massage parlours to entice passing customers in, and sleepy tourists in reclining chairs having their feet attended to.


At the beach, people of all shapes and sizes are being pulled, kneaded, stretched and oiled by the local Thai masseurs. One thing is for sure, they all look blissed out. A beach massage, although a simple indulgence, is not to be missed, just lie back under the shade of the casuarina trees with the sound of the ocean to soothe the senses and be re-energized by the magical touch of a Thai masseur.

Revive with a Massage

Having a massage isn’t just about treating yourself, it also has an abundance of health benefits for both the body and the mind, and enjoying one regularly can keep you feeling happy, help with stress and improve your overall quality of life.

Massage helps the skin produce oil for nourishment and promotes relaxation, both mentally and physically, so much so that often you’ll fall asleep during the treatment. It can raise your energy levels, ease stiffness in muscles and joints, and improve blood circulation.

The most common types of massage in Phuket are reflexology, traditional Thai massage and oil massage. In reflexology, the purpose is to improve internal organ function by applying pressure to specific parts of the soles of the feet, and after a day of shopping or sightseeing the feeling is one of pure heaven.

Thai massage is a traditional healing practice, a fusion of acupressure, simple yoga stretching and Ayurvedic principles. Agile masseurs use a combination of their hands, elbows and feet to stimulate pressure points and stretch limbs in order to relax and realign energies in the body. You might have to brace yourself at times, but bear with it and the sensation afterwards is one of pure delight.

Oil massage is a lot more relaxed with a mixture of oils used to help soften your skin. Just close your eyes and lose yourself to the delicious aromas of lavender, jasmine or lemongrass, whilst firm hands soothe away your aches and pains.

Luxury Spa


Phuket has some very prestigious award-winning luxurious spas too, after all, you are on holiday so why not spoil yourself? A wide range of treatments from highly trained, competent masseurs can be found in most five-star hotels and resorts and there are some excellent independent spas.

Every spa creates its own signature body scrubs and massage oils designed for indulgent pampering and a truly exclusive experience. Body scrubs help to soften your skin and the anti-oxidants in the products are said to reduce wrinkles. The delectable aromas of chocolate and coffee often fill the air as these two ingredients are commonly used in the creation of the scrubs.

You have a choice of treatments, half-day or full day packages, incorporating a mix of massage, body scrub, milk bath, sauna and jacuzzi, facials, and lots more. Many are designed with couples in mind and the experience can be quite sensual and romantic.

Massage Therapies

A Hot Stone Massage uses smooth stones, gently heated to just the right temperature, to rub scented oil very slowly and gently all over your body. The heat and weight of the stones warms and relaxes the muscles leaving you feeling deliciously warm and fuzzy.

Having an experienced massage therapist working on those tired muscles is heaven, so just imagine having two sets of hands…sheer bliss. A Four Hands Massage is carried out by two masseurs at the same time, they have to go through an intensive training program to learn the techniques and the teamwork has to be precise.

Both therapists gently massage you with oil from the back to the feet with gliding synchronised motions, applying smooth and equal pressure in the same direction. We can guarantee after a massage like this you’ll feel like you’re floating.

In Phuket, we have been blessed with an unbelievable selection of massage therapies and spas, so if you’re in search of tranquillity and mind-body rejuvenation, then it’s time to splash out on some serious self-care.


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